Thank you for visiting us at Taipei Automation Exhibition, 2022.

2022 台北國際自動化工業大展已於 2022/08/27 在南港展覽館圓滿落幕。謝謝各位參觀者與我們交流、指教與分享,使我們從訪談中學習,受益良多。


CTi 藉由本次展會展出五大系列的線材包含單對乙太網 (Single Pair Ethernet)、Porfinet、工業線材、IO-Link 及 USB3.2 Vision Cable。CTi的單對以太網路線開發領先全亞洲,涵蓋市場上所有的規格,同時也進一步開發符合工業應用的耐撓曲線材與符合車用的耐高溫線材。不僅如此,CTi有完善的Profinet規格,包含Type A & Type B & Type C,以及最新應用於機器人手臂的Type R。CTi同時具備可靠性實驗室,可進行拖鏈(Trailing Chain Test)、扭轉(Vertical Torsion Test)、彎折(90° Bending Test)等可靠性測試,確保我們的線材符合工業耐撓曲應用。未來我們也將持續開發,並提供更多類型的工業用線材。如需更詳細的資訊,都歡迎隨時來信或來電洽詢! 最後再次感謝您的來訪與寶貴建議,我們期待未來與您有進一步合作的機會!

CTi 於1963年創立於新北市新莊區,為高頻訊號網路線的製造商,提供OEM服務。50多年來深耕網通、影像及醫療用線材市場。2021年進入工業用線材市場,增設可靠性實驗室,購入U型拖鏈測試機台及90°彎曲測試機,線材的穩定與耐搖擺、耐彎折的能力。CTi也具備環境實驗室,測試線材的耐高溫與耐低溫的極限,除了符合傳輸特性要求外,也能保障符合客戶的極端應用環境。我們以追求卓越、創造價值、永續經營為目標,並且隨著市場趨勢持續開發高品質的產品。

“CTi, your trustworthy partner.”



2022 Taipei Automation at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center drew to a close successfully on 27th of August. We sincerely appreciate your visit to our booth, and it’s our great pleasure to demonstrate our wide range of industrial products. Your valuable comment enable us keep moving forward.

This time, CTi focuses on cable and cable assembly of Single Pair Ethernet (SPE), Profinet, Industrial Ethernet, IO-Link, and Machine Vision. With strict testing requirements, our products can be applied in different industrial environments with high reliability. For the SPE cable, we first launched our SPE portfolio that covers all the specifications among all the market players. Moreover, we also have a high flexibility and high temperature resistant version for industrial and automotive application. In addition, we have comprehensive Profinet cable, including Type A, Type B, and Type C. We even have the latest Type R available for robot application. Please feel free to contact us to get further information!
Thanks again for visiting us. We look forward to cooperating with you in the future. 
CTi was founded in Xinzhuang, New Taipei City in 1963. Starting from steel wires and LAN cables, we expand our company profolio with passion and experience to the industrial field.
We set up a Reliability Lab, including Trailing Chain Test, 90° Bending Test and Vertical Torsion Test to validate our flexible cable for industrial application. It not only proves our products meet international quality standards, but also become a statement for implementing our products for the application of automotive or industrial environments. We also have an environment lab, testing both the highest and the lowest temperature resistant of cable. It makes sure our cable could be installed in a harsh environment. 
With more than 50 years of experience in the cable industry, we value the quality as our top priority and will keep developing new products to meet the future trends.
“CTi, your trustworthy partner.”