Testing Laboratory

CTi is committed to delivering high quality and reliability in all our products. Both our facilities in Taiwan and China have its own comprehensive in-house testing laboratories including Flammability Testing Lab, Environmental Testing Lab and Reliability Testing Lab. We use various equipment to conduct quality tests throughout the product development and production processes to ensure our cables meet the latest regulations, certification requirements and satisfy customers’ needs. We constantly invest in expansion of laboratory testing equipment to guarantee we can test at the levels required to keep our leading role in the cable industry.

Flammability Test Lab
EN50399 CPR Burning Test Machine
  • EU CPR Testing Requirement from UK
  • B2ca,Cca,Dca,Eca
  • CTi is the only cable manufacturer equipped with in-house EN50399 test equipment in Taiwan.
UL CM&CMG Vertical Flame Machine
  • UL CM & CMG Requirement
  • UL 1685 Standard
IEC 60332-1 Vertical Flame Machine
  • IEC 60332-1 Requirement
VW-1 Flame Testing Machine
  • UL's Test Equipment
  • UL 1581 & 2556 Standard
Enviromental Test Lab
  • Quality control of raw materials
  • Collects the spectral data of wavelengths
  • Quality control of raw materials
  • Analysis of heavy metal contamination
  • IEC 62321standard
  • RoHS compliance
Cold Bending Machine
  • Temperature: 0°C ~ -40°C
  • UL444 Standard
Aging Over Chamber
  • Temperature: 15 °C ~ 300 °C
  • Air Changes Rate: 5~200 Times/Hour
  • UL444 UL758 Standard

4 Port Network Analyzer E5071C
  • Flexible Configuration
  • High Frequency Signal Testing
  • Testing Range: 9KHZ~20GHZ
Tension Machine
  • Speed: 1000mm/Min.
  • Loading: Max. 200KG
  • UL758 Standard
  • Test Compression, Bending, Shearing, Tearing
Reliability Test Lab
Reverse Bending Machine
  • Speed: Max. 40 Times/Min.
  • Bending Angle: 90 °C
  • R angle: 1cm, 1.25cm, 1.5cm, 1.75cm, 2.5cm
Trailing Chain Machine
  • Testing Speed: 5000mm/Sec
  • Max/Min Speed: Max. 5G
  • IEC 62321standard
  • Distance: Max. 3.9M
Two Pulley Flexing Machine
  • Speed: 10 Times/Min.
  • Diameter: 60mm
  • Distance: 1m
  • Weight: Max. 0.5kg
Torsion Machine
  • Speed:83 Times/Min.
  • Torsion: +/- 180 °C
  • Length: 300mm