Established in 1963 as a steel wire company, CTi has transformed into a data and signal wire & cable specialist since 1981. With more than 40 years of experience in this industry, we have withstood the test of time, and accumulated invaluable knowledge, expertise and resources in providing high frequency data and signal cabling solutions.


We have the strongest commitment to integrity and honesty, which are deeply embedded in our corporate culture and in the hearts and actions of our people. Because of our product quality and reliability as a long-term strategic partner to our customers, CTi has become the most trusted manufacturer and supplier of cabling solutions for some of the biggest and most renowned networking and connectivity brands in the world.


People is our most important asset. CTi invests heavily in the welfare, training, and work environment of our people. Whether in Taiwan or in China, CTi has one of the most stable, loyal and experienced workforces in the industry. A highly stable, healthy, happy and dedicated team means higher production efficiency, consistency in product quality and customer service, naturally with our customers becoming the ultimate beneficiaries.



“Quality is our Dignity” is our motto and commitment. CTi self-demands craftsmanship out of cable production. CTi has the most stringent quality system in place, world class manufacturing facilities and machineries (made in Sweden, Germany, UK, Japan etc), and advanced testing laboratories.

CTi has numerous awards for quality excellence, and extensive certifications in performance and safety, including ISO (9001, 14000, 13485), UL, ETL, DELTA, HDMI, MHL, RoHS, REACH etc.

Vertical Integration

CTi has its own cable manufacturing and assembly facilities in Taiwan and China, allowing for full integration to take place, from product design and development, to the production of raw cables, to assembling into finished products, which means more flexibility, better production control, quality and performance, all of which are value creation for our customers.


We have a very comprehensive product portfolio. We specialize in data networking (ethernet) cables and patch cords, DHC (Digital High-speed Cables) and assembly (HDMI, DP, USB, IT peripherals and consumer electronics), medical cables and tubes for hospital and surgical applications, and industrial cables and assemblies for harsh and demanding industrial environments.

Value Creation


We are highly flexible in the way we provide our professional service, including through ODM & OEM, customized co-development, components, and total solutions. In the fast-moving world that is forever seeking higher speed, more data transmission, longer distance and special applications, we also work closely with our customers to provide customized interconnect solutions tailored to their specific needs.


We have a strong and experienced R&D team committed to innovative product design and development. We roll out new products and release product roadmaps to our customers on a regular basis to keep them at the forefront of the latest engineering advancements, and to give them the widest range of choices available to capitalize on market opportunities.

We also invest heavily in automation and aspire towards intelligent manufacturing, which are integral to achieving efficient and stable productions and timely deliveries.


Professional and intimate service is one of the most important reasons why our customers choose CTi. Whether it be product enquiries, special designs and packaging, deliveries and logistics, CTi is highly specialized, creative and versatile in problem solving and innovative solutions.

In this fast-changing and increasingly complex business environment, CTi stands with its customers every step of the way to provide the best support and solutions to tackle the everyday challenges they may come across.