CTi at Taipei Automation Exhibition, 2022


SMALLER, FASTER, SMARTER: Your industrial transformation begins here! 

Digitization in industry is advancing in leaps and bounds. For many applications, Ethernet is now the first choice when it comes to data transfer and the vision of seamless communication between sensor and IIoT platform. But what options are available today for Industrial Ethernet connectivity?

CTi develops solutions that go far beyond industrial standards and enable you to face future transformation. 


Single Pair Ethernet Cable (SPE): 

Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) is seen as one of the most important trends, re-shaping the future of industrial communication. CTi has a wide range of SPE cables, including solid cables for 22AWG, 23AWG, 24AWG and patch cables for 22AWG, 26AWG. Furthermore, for harsh environments and robotic application, CTi also developed “high temperature resistant” and “high flexible” series, which have been qualified by such as“Trailing Chain Test”,“Reverse Bending Test” and“Vertical Torsion Test” to accommodate your industrial demand.

For the automotive application, adopting the PVC jacket material makes it reach up to 105°C. Moreover, 125°C cable is our next target. With this progress, it allows Single-Pair Ethernet to be future proof and ideal technology for automotive ethernet application. 

PROFINET Cables (M12 to M12): 

PROFINET remains the major protocol for industrial ethernet connectivity, classified by Type A , Type B and Type C PROFINET cables. Apart from these PROFINET cables CTi has in place, the latest Type R cable, used in the continuously bending robot application, will be demonstrated at the show. It’s expected to fulfill mechanical tests, including“5 million cycles for Trailing Chain Test & Vertical Torsion Test”, and “1 million cycles for Reverse Bending Test”. In addition to the cable part, we will be presenting finished products with M12 D code connectors. 

Industrial Ethernet Cable (M12 to M12/M12 to RJ45): 

Besides the industrial ethernet cable with PUR jacket, CTi’s industrial patch cord assembled with M12 X code connectors is now available for high speed data transmission up to 10 gigabit, without compromise on its water-proof ability (IP67 rating). 


The IO-Link control cable is compatible with standard M8 and M12 connectors and can be attached with Fieldbus systems. 

Vision Cable: USB3.2 & CXP

With over 15 million times of torsion test and the ability to support higher electronic power usage equipment, USB 3.2 is perfect for industrial control, factory automation or automated optical inspection. Moreover, CTi’s 12G CoaXPress (CXP) cable and assembly HD-BNC/BNC connectors will be presented this time, targeting at high-speed Industrial Camera application. 

We are looking forward to your visit at the show! 😊