[CTi USB Type C Column] CTi’s Edge in USB4 Customization


CTi, the one-stop shop for USB4 cable customizations.

From our last post of this column, CTi has shown that it possesses a complete portfolio of USB4 cables, but highly-customized solutions are also in our field of expertise too. Applications such as gaming, industrial, medical are just a few examples that require more than your standard cable, and CTi has all the engineering resources to support you in your cause.

The saying “Quality is our dignity” is a core belief carried out by CTi as well, as we comply to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485, Sony GP, and BSCI. These are all testaments to CTi’s confidence in both our product and service. Other that, we are also a listed adopter of USB-IF, with all our USB4 products certified by them.

Regarding USB4 cable design, there are numerous options that you may choose from:

Diversified connectors – 90 degree connectors / top screw / side screws…

Customized cables – extra long / thin / robust / flexible cables

Medical grade jackets – Silicone Rubber / anti-bacterial / biocompatible

Industrial cables – Dynamic / abrasion-resistant / high flex

Customized designs – braiding / aluminum shell / zinc alloy shell / PC shell / PVC molding  

To examine whether our cables are qualified to go from mass production into the market, CTi also has a complete arsenal of test equipment to provide assistance. From all kinds of bending/torsion machines to burning chambers and aging ovens, CTi has every reliability test that comes to mind available for your choice.


Aside from reliability tests, CTi also has high frequency testers, such as TDR and Total Phase V2, to ensure that all cables meet their respective electrical properties.

(Test results of USB4 Gen2 28AWG 3m via TDR):


To confirm the cable’s compatibility, CTi has garnered a large collection of source and display devices. These devices can be utilized to detect compatibility issues before the cables reach the market.


In conclusion, should you have any high-end USB requirements or highly customized inquiries that you would like to bring about, CTi is ready to devote our engineering and designing expertise to your cause. Please contact us at sales@cticable.com.tw for more details and service.CTi Group is a professional cable OEM/ODM solution provider established in Taiwan for over 50 years. CTi Group has been dedicated to the integrity of high-frequency and high-speed cable industry for many years which provides customers with product design, development, and production solution by integrating outstanding tooling design, industrial automation, and procedure capability. CTi Group’s main products include HDMI, USB, DP, networking cable, VR HD cable, automotive cable, industrial and medical cable, etc.