Industrial Ethernet Cables: The Best Fit for IIOT!




What Is Industrial Ethernet? 

Industrial Ethernet is the successor of the conventional Ethernet, originally comes from enterprise communication and is usually connected in the office area. Industrial Ethernet, however, is used in the industrial area (field level) and must therefore work reliably even under extreme conditions.

Following are the most common challenges in Industrial Ethernet settings:
– Flexing and Dynamic:Industrial application sometimes means full of motion and movement, from robot arms to moving drag chain.
– Oils & Chemicals Exposure : As Industrial Ethernet cabling is routed through densely packed machinery and industrial processes in a plant where it can be exposed to a wide range of oils and chemicals.
– Abrasion : Industrial Ethernet Cables can be subjected to scratching, cutting, and friction when exposed to highly moving and flexing equipment. 

CTi, Your trustworthy partner for Industrial Ethernet

– Complete range of high-quality and reliable industrial ethernet cables, for industrial applications and highly flexing movements, without compromising their consistent and reliable transmission performance

– Adoption of PUR as jacket material to withstand exposure to oil, chemicals, rough handling, abrasion, UV and extreme temperatures.

– CTi’s In-house Reliability Test Lab, including Trailing Chain Test, 90° Bending Test and Vertical Torsion Test, to validate various bending and flexibility requirements.


CTi’s product lines at a glance:

Single Pair Ethernet Cable (SPE): 

– Complete AWG sizes, from 18AWG to 26AWG

– Qualified by trailing chain test, reverse bending test and vertical torsion Test

– High temperature resistant, reaching up to 125°C

– SPE assembly available with IEC 63171-X connectors



– All PROFINET classifications available: Type A , B, C and R

– Type R, designed for Robotics application, 5 million cycles for Trailing Chain Test & Vertical Torsion Test, and 1 million cycles for Reverse Bending Test

– Cable assembly IP67 rated M12 D code connectors


Industrial Ethernet Cable

– CTi offers a full range of CAT.5 to CAT.7 cable

– High speed data transmission up to 10 Gigabit

– Assembled with RJ45 or M12 X code connectors


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