Join CTI

Employee Benefits

– Kick-off and Holiday Bonus

– Marriage, Funeral Subsidy

– Free Car & Motorcycle Parking

– Year-end Party and Lottery

– Employee Gathering Subsidy

– Nursery Facility/Free Lunch or Meal Subsidy

– Employee Uniform

– Periodical Health Check

– Free Periodical Consulting with Doctor-visits


Salary Bonuses

– New employee guaranteed bonus

– Year-end guaranteed bonus and dividend bonus

– Quarterly Bonus

– Annual Salary Raise(based on company and employee’s performance)

Occupation Training

– New-recruits training

– Professional skills training

– Management training

– General training

Apply Process

Submit CV
Interview Invitation
Initial Interview
Second Interview
Results Notification
On-duty Preparation
On-duty Report

Job Application Methods

Submit CV via 104

Submit CV via 1111

Mail to:, and state applied job title with attached CV/resumé