Single Pair Ethernet : Your transformation begins here !



Ground-breaking Technology

Single Pair Ethernet Cable (SPE) is the future-proof interface to provides necessary infrastructure for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and other fields of application. With only one twisted pair of wires, SPE cable transfers data up to 1GBit/s and the distance reaches 1,000 meters, which is perfect for data transmission for larger facilities.

Comparing SPE cable with the common four-pair Ethernet cable, two-wire technology makes the cable thinner, lighter, and easy to be installed. Besides, it not only eliminates the requirement for a separate power cable, but also supplies electricity for the terminal equipment with Power over Data Line (PoDL).

SPE standardizes cables to one network protocol, which communicates from field level to cloud level directly. It simplifies the network components and reduces the costs from the complexity of applying many different protocols.


Single Pair Ethernet – Ready for the future

Automotive industry decided to replace the original Controller Area Network (CAN Bus) with the SPE design as it increases the data transmission rate for the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and in-vehicle infotainment system. Fuel efficiency will also be improved due to the fewer and lighter SPE cables installed, the overall costs will be saved.  

・Industrial Automation
The existing industrial ethernet protocols are not ideal for long-distance applications, and the installation of the Ethernet cable is expensive as the new factories often occupy a large area. Besides, the maintenance is complicated with different network protocols. With SPE technology, analog interfaces, bus systems and other proprietary field level systems can all be well communicated across just one single twisted pair. 

・Smart Building
Most of the new buildings start to implement the SPE system because it can offer an IP address for every system installed in the building, which helps smart buildings to realize universal digitalization. Furthermore, SPE lean and light features can reduce the cost and the installation complexity. 


CTi’s SPE Cable Portfolio

CTi is the first supplier in Asia to introduce SPE cables and now has a wide range of SPE cables that cover almost all the specifications in the market:

Industrial SPE
We have solid cables for 22AWG, 23AWG, 24AWG and patch cables for 22AWG, 26AWG, with PUR jacket material, making the cable oil resistant. For harsh environments and robotic application, CTi also developed “high flexible” series, which have been qualified by such as “Trailing Chain Test”, “Reverse Bending Test” and “Vertical Torsion Test” to meet industrial demand. 



AWG Structure Conductor Bandwidth Data rate Jacket
22 SF/TP Solid 20MHz / 600MHz 10Mbps / 1Gbps PUR / PVC / LSZH
22 SF/TP Stranded 600MHz 1Gbps PUR / PVC / LSZH
23 SF/TP Solid 600MHz 1Gbps PUR / PVC / LSZH
24 SF/TP Solid 600MHz 1Gbps PUR / PVC / LSZH
26 SF/TP Stranded 600MHz 1Gbps PUR / PVC / LSZH
18AWG Standard Cable & 26 AWG High Flex Cable & SPE Hybrid Cable are Coming Soon!

・Automotive SPE
For the automotive application, adopting the PVC jacket material makes it reach up to 105°C. Moreover, 125°C cable is our next target. With this progress, it allows Single-Pair Ethernet to be future proof and ideal technology for automotive ethernet application. 

・SPE Assembly
In addition to the SPE cable, we also have the ability to offer SPE assembly. Our cable has been qualified by main SPE connector players in the Europe market. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information. Thank you.