World’s Slimmest 32AWG U/UTP C6 Patch cord



When it comes to patch cord, what are the features that users call for? Flexibility? Space-saving? Easy-installation? And let’s not forget the most important function – to provide stable high frequency transmission.

We kept your needs in mind as always during the R&D process. And now, we can proudly present the world with our UTP C6 32AWG Slim Patch Cord!

With the thinnest design in the market, 32AWG patch cord not only brings the superior bending radius and flexibility while installation but also allows the various application in limited space.

Apart from the thinnest OD: 2.8mm, CTi’s 32AWG patch cord features its stable transmission performance over long distance. CTi offers the world’s longest component level UTP C6 32AWG patch cord, reaching up to 5m length, without compromising its performance according to TIA and ISO standards.



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