What makes CMP cables special?


Statistics show about 85% of the deaths in fires are caused by the toxic smoke and gases generated in the fire. The chances for survival are decreased by suffocation and blocked vision.

Plenum-rated cable, known for its ability of flame propagation resistance and the low smoke amount generated during fire, is mandated in the US building regulations to be installed in plenum spaces and air ducts, such as spaces which pose a major fatal risk of spreading fire through floors due to the high rate of airflow.

What makes CMP cables special is the insulation material – FEP (fluorinated ethylene polymer). It has properties such as fire resistance and high melting temperature. It only burns in the environment with 95 % of pure oxygen, which is unlikely to take place under normal circumstances. Besides, its heat release rate is considerably low, and this helps to prevent fire from expanding.

So you see…FEP plays such an important role in plenum-rated cable. That’s why CTi choose to work with world-famous FEP brand to ensure the stability of our products’ quality. It is our job, as a professional cable manufacturer, to make sure we offer both quality and safety to the market. Moreover, we are glad to share the news that our CMP cabling solution have been certified by UL and ETL. If you want to learn more details, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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