CTi at Taipei Automation Exhibition, 2021




CTi at Taipei Automation Exhibition

CTi group will make its debut at the Taipei Automation Exhibition at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 2, booth Q1205 from December 15-18. The Taipei Automation Exhibition is part of the Intelligent Asia Exhibition, which focuses on Industrial Automation, Robot Technology and Industrial Automation ICT and software of future factories at all levels.

CTi will showcase the following product lines:

  (1) Single Pair Ethernet Cable (SPE): 

  Our SPE cables cover all specifications in the market, including solid cables for 22AWG, 23AWG, 24AWG and patch cables for 22AWG, 26AWG. Furthermore, we also have “high temperature resistant” and “high flexible” series, which were conducted tests such as “Trailing    Chain Test”, “Reverse Bending Test” and “Vertical Torsion Test” to accommodate your industrial demand.

  (2) PROFINET Cables: 

  CTi’s Type A , Type B and Type C PROFINET cables are suitable solutions for the factory cabling system application. Besides, Type R cable, which can be used in the continuously bending robot application, is under development.

  (3) Industrial Ethernet Cable: 

  In addition to the ethernet cable with PUR jacket designed for harsh industrial environment, CTi has the Gel-filled PE cable available for    various outdoor applications.

  (4) IO-Link: 

  The IO-Link control cable is compatible with standard M8 and M12 connectors and can be attached with Fieldbus systems.

  (5) USB3.2 Vision Cable: 

  With over 15 million times of torsion test and the ability to support higher electronic power usage equipment, this product is perfect for industrial control, factory automation or automated optical inspection.

This is the first time for CTi to present our achievements after entering the industrial market. We are thrilled and can’t wait to introduce our new industrial products to you at the show!