Industrial Ethernet C6A X-Coded Patch Cord:
Your Optimal Industrial Ethernet Solution!





To boost adoption of Industry 4.0 & IIOT applications, Ethernet has become the leading protocol for high-speed data transmission in the industrial networks. So, the vision of a uniform protocol standard for industry-rated communication from the cloud to each sensor is now taking shape. However, industrial transformation to the industrial ethernet cannot be done without stable, reliable and high-speed data transmission under harsh industrial environment. Your voice and concerns have been kept in mind by CTi, and now can be well satisfied with CTi’s newly released “Industrial Ethernet C6A X-Coded Patch Cord”.


100% Transmission Performance Test

X-coding is used for transmitting Cat.6A high-speed data. CTi’s C6A X-Coded Patch Cord is 100% tested according to transmission performance up to 10 Gbit/s. Your high-speed industrial network can be rest assured and well protected from electromagnetic influences by the robust metal housing.


100% IP67 Water-proof Test

CTi C6A X-Coded Patch Cord is designed to provide reliable and versatile connectivity solutions in a harsh environment where vibration-resistant, reliable, dust- and water-proof connections are needed. CTi in-house water-proof test is 100% conducted on each patch cord to ensure IP67 protection against particulate ingress and moisture.


Resistance to Harsh Environments

Adoption of PUR as outer jacket material, which is halogen-free and UL CMX certified. CTi C6A X-Coded Patch Cord is able to resist moisture, oils, chemical and UV light, and it can be used in extreme temperatures range of -40 °C to 85 °C.


Shorter Lead Time & Higher Flexibility

Worry about extreme long lead time for the industrial ethernet cable? Sufficient production capacity and stable material supply enable CTi to offer much shorter and more flexible lead time, around 4-6 weeks, in the hope of accommodating your urgent need. A wide variety of jacket materials (PVC, LSZH, PE, PUR) and colors are also at your disposal.


CTi’s Features At A Glance: 

- Designed for data rate of up to 10 Gbit/s 

- Available for “M12 X Code to M12 X Code” and “M12 X Code to RJ45” 

- 100% transmission performance test 

- 100% IP67 water-proof test 

- Resistance to all the harsh environments 

- Various outer jacket materials and colors 

Fast turn-around time 


For more information, please find CTi’s datasheet and contact us if you have any questions. 

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